Silver Lion Student Loan Advisors, LLC is proud to offer student loan borrowers educated and unbiased advice related to your student loans.

Consulting services focus on the following:

  • Federal student loan consulting/document preparation – There are numerous factors that need to be considered in determining whether to consolidate your student loans and which repayment option is best for your specific situation. Silver Lion Student Loan Advisors, LLC specializes in providing professional advice  and consulting to help you determine the best path in order to get out from under the burden of your federal student loans.
  • Default assistance – Cumbersome monthly payments on your student loans can lead to defaulting on some or all loans. Due to penalties and collection fees charged to the borrower, defaulting on student loans can be very expensive. Silver Lion Student Loan Advisors, LLC will consult you on the best option to get out of  default and back on the right track.
  • Garnishment assistance – After a series of attempts to collect on your student loans, collection agencies will begin the process of garnishing your wages. When this takes place, a percentage of your wages, social security income, etc. can be taken in order to pay your outstanding student loan debt.

Silver Lion Student Loan Advisors, LLC will assist you with stopping the garnishment and getting your loans setup on the right path.

Additional services free of charge

Assistance with annual income re-certification

Each year on an income-based repayment plan you must provide documents to substantiate your income. Silver Lion Student Loan Advisors, LLC will perform this task for the duration of your loan. Contact us when the re-certification letter comes and we will help you through the rest!

Consulting along the way

You can always reach out to us for the duration of your loans with questions you may have. We are here to assist you with professional advice during your loan repayment term and strive to make sure you are informed and comfortable with your student loans. Furthermore, if you go back to school and incur additional student loan debt we assist with setting the new loans up on the best path forward as well.

Silver Lion Student Loan Advisors, LLC is a private organization and is NOT a government entity. Silver Lion Student Loan Advisors, LLC assists consumers by providing student loan consulting and document preparation. Like filing a tax return, you can file a student loan consolidation without professional assistance and without charge at Silver Lion Student Loan Advisors, LLC is Not Affiliated With or Endorsed By The U.S. Department of Education. The contents of this site are not and should not be construed as legal advice. Additionally, it is not a solicitation for debt settlement, debt management, debt relief, or for assistance with any consumer debt.